Circuit portraits

I had the opportunity to do some screen printing recently, and it was brilliant, I loved it. This is the first step into a new project that I haven’t quite thought of a catchy name for yet: Circuit portraits. ┬áThis is an effort to look past the utility of a printed circuit board, and revel in the unsung beauty of the physical design itself. I find the patterns and shapes that arise in the designs to be compelling and evocative.


I hope this will become a series of small editions, each exposing the basic engineering of some famous or popular circuit. In a somewhat conceited fashion, I printed my own Polarshield as the first in the series, and in a very limited edition of only five prints, and they are selling already on my Etsy shop.

I have a couple of ideas for the follow-ups, but I am happy to take suggestions for subjects – if they make it to the press, then you’ll get a free print from the edition for your idea!

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