Circuit Portraits now available

Monochromatic ZX Spectrum and sunset ZX81 are now available on Etsy! Good price, you buy!

I’ve been in the printshop today, started off printing an edition of sombre ZX81s … but ruined the emulsion on the final layer by pulling some tape off too fast. Duh.

ZX81 grey and red circuit portrait

So I’ll re-expose tomorrow and finish this off.

Circuit portraits

I had the opportunity to do some screen printing recently, and it was brilliant, I loved it. This is the first step into a new project that I haven’t quite thought of a catchy name for yet: Circuit portraits.  This is an effort to look past the utility of a printed circuit board, and revel in the unsung beauty of the physical design itself. I find the patterns and shapes that arise in the designs to be compelling and evocative.


I hope this will become a series of small editions, each exposing the basic engineering of some famous or popular circuit. In a somewhat conceited fashion, I printed my own Polarshield as the first in the series, and in a very limited edition of only five prints, and they are selling already on my Etsy shop.

I have a couple of ideas for the follow-ups, but I am happy to take suggestions for subjects – if they make it to the press, then you’ll get a free print from the edition for your idea!

Hack Circus – Time Travel Live

Hello, so I’m going to an interesting thing at the beginning of next month.  It’s called Hack Circus, and is the first of a series of small events putting clever and creative people together to discuss funny things.  For some reason, the organisers (Final Bullet – featuring my old pal Leila Johnston) think that I am good company for them.

This is just a wee one.
This is just a wee one.

I am not going to complain about this flattering association, and since I am currently working on a new prototype of my famous linear clock, and the theme of the evening is Time Travel, I will be travelling with it, and showing it off and talking about it on Sunday October 6th, 2013, between 2 and 6pm.

I will probably go on about clocks, making this clock, happy faces, sad faces, time and special times.  Hopefully it will be more exciting that it sounds, but don’t bet on it.

That’s Sunday, 6th of October, between 2 in the afternoon and 6 o’clock in the evening.  It’s in the back bar of the Star of Kings pub, Kings Cross, London.  Tickets can only be bought ahead of time at this site, and I think it’ll be a lot of funny, as well as jolly interesting.

Please come along and see what happens, if you like technology, speculation, funny things, theremins, the phenomenal Sarah Angliss, or chat with brainy folks.  It will be lovely to meet you.


Up To Much in the Arts Complex tenant’s show

I have some nice gear in the Arts Complex tenant’s show, which is on throughout August 2013 here in Edinburgh.  There is also lots of other nice stuff in the show!

Arts Complex is a big 60s office building here in Meadowbank in Edinburgh, that was forsaken by business and converted into workshops, studios and galleries.  I’ve got a little studio there where I make all my Polargraph things, and basically anything that doesn’t fit in the flat.

I posted about this on the polargraph blog too.

Come along for a look!

Illustrious company

Got a nice present through the post, it was a program from an exhibition in Amsterdam that featured a whole lot of very neat 3D printing.

But the best thing? Well:

Look right, so there’s me on the facing page, then on the next spread, it’s only Karim Rashid and Tord Boontje, two of the biggest names in contemporary design.  What about that?!  I’m pretty pleased.

Thank you very much to Tanya Docheva and Materia Inspiration Centre, Nederland for inviting me to participate.