Great review

Great review and a happy customer!

If you’re in Edinburgh, you can buy my stuff from some actual shops too! Curiouser & Curiouser is a beautiful print and gift shop on Broughton Street, opposite Concrete Wardrobe and next to Crombies. Laura runs it and stocks it with a brilliant selection of contemporary prints and decorative stuff, and it’s the best place to buy cards in all of the town, I’d say. Other end of the city, Godiva Boutique on West Port is a great little fashion house, making and selling reworked and original clothes – proper industry. Now the boss, Fleur is also carrying a range of accessories from local makers and designers, and I’m one of them. Good stuff!

Currently listed by me on Etsy:

I don’t have a proper workshop where I can do dangerous things with fire and molten metal, so all of my pieces are designed by me as digital models, to your exact specification and size, and fabricated on demand. I finish the pieces by hand (well, with a dremel) and package them nicely for you. Steel pieces take around three weeks to complete, but I sometimes have a handful of pieces in stock if you’re in a hurry. Just drop me a line.

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If you see anything you’d like to buy through Etsy that I don’t have listed, or you’re interested in a commission or a modification, just let me know and I’ll make up a special listing.